Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hello from Las Vegas

I know it has been a long time and I apologize for my absence. Life keeps me busy and I hope all is well with readers of this blog. 

I am working on edits for ELLA, some of which I will post soon, beginning with a new chapter one, titled UXBRIDGE, MA.  I will also post a chapter from a new WIP, tentatively called THE CITY, which I can best describe as a Utopian story. The plot centers around a simply question..."What would you do if you were in charge of your own city?" That question popped into a dream from a few weeks back and I've been making notes on it ever since. The questions that will not go away usually turn into stories/novels. 

Once I am finished with the next draft of ELLA, it will be full speed ahead towards publication. Hopefully I will be able to give more news about that situation soon.

In current events, we are seeing sweeping changes in America on various issues from gun control, marriage equality and others. I will not inject any opinions on such issues in this post. I will give you this simple message instead--- I encourage you to vote, show up at town halls, write letters to your elected representatives, protest if you think it is needed. So many complain about Washington, but are not willing to be part of the solution. Don't be an armchair quarterback--- get involved in shaping the country. 

The more people that engage in Democracy, the less fringe lunatics make a stamp on our nation.